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Our Story - A Letter From The Founder

A Letter From The Founder

Thank you for visiting our site. We, at Vaulted Vinyl®, are glad to have you!

It all started a couple years ago during Spring Training. Not only was I an athlete, I was a collector, buyer, and seller of Funko POP!s®. Like many, my collecting habits started off small. I was on a strict budget searching through apps like Letgo® and OfferUp® for deals and going to stores looking for chases. However, the more and more I got into POP!s, the more money I started spending on my grail pieces. We have all been there; sometimes it’s like going down a rabbit hole when it comes to this hobby!

So there I was, I found myself in that rabbit hole. There was something about the grails that I loved, the rush of getting them, unboxing them, seeing them in hand and showing them off. I had one problem though. As a professional baseball player in the minor leagues, I was living out of a suitcase.

Always on the move, playing in various cities across the country, I was constantly loading the POP!s I received in and out of my car; trying to keep my most valuable ones as safe as I could (We all know what box condition means to the Funko POP! community!). POP! Stacks are great, but the occasional lid coming off the top or bottom made for some scary times. It was definitely worrisome being constantly on the move. I figured there had to be a better way; a better way to protect my most prized possessions. Then it hit me.

A vault-styled case to protect, store, transport, and even showcase my most valued Funko POP!s. Not just any case. A case tailored specifically to Funko POP! collectors. Whether your POP!s stay at home, go to Comic Cons, or travel with you, the goal in mind is to bring value to my fellow collectors that truly care for their POP!s: Premium protection and security for those highly valued POP!s in your collection.

Throughout my personal collection, most of my POP! vinyls were “vaulted”, and from there, in my eyes, the perfect name came about. After months of brainstorming, testing, and working with our manufacturer, Vaulted Vinyl and The Original Pop Vault were born.

Welcome To The Vault. 


Shane, Founder of Vaulted Vinyl®


Vaulted Vinyl Founder Shane Kemp walking on a baseball field with a Pop Vault

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