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Best protectors

I always use these protecters for autographs pops.

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Oscar Rodriguez Jr (Bay Shore, US)
Protecting My Passion

All my pops of value are in legendary cases. Awesome crystal clear display tight seal with the magnetic lids.

The King

The armors are king and the regular pop protectors are the best in the business. You get what you pay for - worth every cent.

The Display Vault Air
The Luis (New Bedford, US)
Totally worth it!

As pricy as this display is it’s worth it! Zero hassle putting it up on my wall and the carbon fiber looks greats too

Awesome protectors

Love how these protectors are packed with paper between the protectors and not plastic that you have to peel off.

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Victor Figueroa (Flushing, US)
Amazing product

Displays great. I don't have to worry about damaging my grails in these protectors. Worth it.

The Display Vault Air
John Rhodes
Wall displays

I am very happy with these wall displays. I need to order another set of 6.

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
criskoe (Parksville, CA)
The Very Best

Already owning a ton of Legendary protectors, it was a nice bonus to get a promo one. They really are the best of the best.. Thank you! Also Shane's customer service is top notch! Best in the biz! Def recommend any and all VV products with zero hesitation.

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Rafael Garibay (Fontana, US)

Legendary Christmas was the best promo anyone ever could imagine
I’m really happy with the outcome of my order I’ll be waiting for the next time
Best protector in the market by far

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Michael Jones (Meridian, US)
The Most Fantastic Protector of Pops!

I only buy Vaulted Vinyl Premium Protectors because they are fantastic. The quality of these is top notch. They feel great, fold nicely and stack exquisitely. I purchased the Legendary Christmas bundle and received a free Legendary Protector and it is awesome. I cannot say enough great things about Vaulted Vinyl because I am a customer for life.

Couldn’t ask for a better protector

First time trying Vaulted Vinyl protectors and I couldn’t be more happier. 100% worth the money, and the airdrops are a super fun added bonus!

First Try

One of the nicer protectors out in the market. Hassle-free fold to setup the protector. Stacks flat. Edges feel tough. Confidence for my pops.

Great for starter or already collecting collectors

Got them for my boyfriend’s and I’s combined collection and plan to buy more as we collect more

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Ash (Fincastle, US)
Worth It

A++ Will buy again

The Display Vault XL
Chris Grist (Adelaide, AU)

Great for travelling with your pops well protected without having them squashed in a backpack!

Crystal Clear

I had already encased my large collection of Pops with another brand of case, but fell in love with Vaulted Vinyl cases the first time I saw and felt them. While my previous cases would bubble on top, which would make it difficult to stack, the VV cases remain flat. These are definitely top notch!!

The Display Vault Air
Jashan Kahlon (Margate, GB)
Another amazing Display Vault Air!

2nd time buying a DVA and I can’t get enough of these! Funko collections never looked better!!!! 😍😍

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
John Crosby (Jasper, US)
Just great!

You can feel they are solid and when putting them next to other brands, they are much clearer. Very excite to be getting into these and looking forward to putting more of my best pieces in these!!

Why wait!

I can't believe how amazing these protective cases are. I purchased the 20 count after replacing a few of the cheap ebay protection I have realized why did I wait to buy these amazing products that protect my investments.

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Anonymous (Calgary, CA)
“This is a new day. A new beginning” - Ahsoka

Wouldn’t trust anything else to protect this Pop!


The Display Vault Air
Antoine Lefebvre (Ladera Ranch, US)
Best display ever

This is the best display ever !!! I own 5 of them to display my grails can't stop watching the wall

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
John Moran (Fresno, US)
Perfect Protective Case

Absolutely love the legendary funko pop protector cases. I have many types of protector cases but these are the best. I feel confident that my funko pop's condition will last for many years. Very happy customer. Picture compares legendary vs. pop armor case.

The Display Vault Air
Anonymous (Charlotte, US)
Good Product

Too expensive for what it is. But solid product. If they had competition that wasn’t cardboard. They would sell less.

The best protector for your Funko Pops

It is the only brand I use because it greatly protects my Funko Pops collection.

They fit very well and can be stacked nicely on top of each other.

100% recommended

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
hieu vo (Houston, US)
Best pop protector

Alway love vaulted vinyl protector. Best and easy to use and alway fast shipping