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Best on the market

Best in class, very professional and my go to protectors

A sturdy protector

First Time getting these protecrors and must say that I am very impressed with this product. A friend told me about this and I wanna give this a try. I am very pleased that I did and will be buying again. The protectors are easy to mess with and the pops fits in real easy as well. This is one product you would love to have to protect your pops. Highly Recommended!

Excellent product!

I wondered how different these would be from the other pop protector I used. For the majority of my “common” pops, I’ll stick with the other brand. For all my grails which include vaulted or rare chase versions, this is the one I now use. Easy to stack, doesn’t bow and good material. In this case you get what you pay for.

Well Protected and Crystal Clear

best yet


Every time I order from vaulted vinyl they never disappoint!


Best in the business, going to be buying more 👌

V2 Premium Protectors for Funko POP! figures (4 Inch) [0.50MM]
David Mendoza-Rodriguez (White Plains, US)
Awesome Protectors

Best protectors I’ve bought, nice look, and affordable. Definitely buying more for the rest of my collection

Amazing protectors.

Best pop protectors in the game, making your collection look amazing.

Amazing product

I love these I keep all my valuable pops in these

6 inch protectors

Picked up a 10 pack of 6 inch protectors and an very happy with them. Easy to form and fit very well with the pops. Will be ordering from vaulted vinyl again!

Excellent product will buy over and over and over again

Fantastic for my collection

I bought these to try them out and immediately ordered more once I saw the quality of this product. Great fit for my collection. I only wish they all the other sizes to protect the rest of my collection.

My favorite way to protect my Pops!

I loved the regular size so much I had to try the 6”. Same excellent quality, same easy assembly, same creative and safe packaging. I love these products!


Extremely speedy shipping and delivery. Some of the best sleeves for your funko pops out there!

V2 Premium Protectors for Funko POP! figures (4 Inch) [0.50MM]
Jose Alejandro AguayoCHI-16410 (Penaflor, CL)

Excellent quality of products, wonderful attention and speed of delivery.
All excellent.

Going Back For More!!

I ordered 2 20-packs and we love them. They’re easy to put together, you can hear them lock, they’re sturdy, and stackable, which is pretty amazing. We use these for our own collection, and for our customers, who appreciate the safety when shipping their pops across town, or across the country. We’ll continue to use these protectors, and look forward to new products!!!!

Can't wait till V3 is released!

Really good quality compared to competitors. Would recommend these over the cheap protectors you can get elsewhere if you care about quality.

Best ever!

Best pop protectors in the business. I waited and waited and was almost out of the funko game, then I got back in and bought my first protectors from here. I regret that I waited so long but I’m so glad I did it! Thank you!

Vaulted Vinyl Protectors

I love these protectors.They are super durable, they stack very nice, and my favorite part is they're UV protected. Hands down the protectors out there.

Best protectors

By far the best protectors I’ve used yet!!

The Great Protector

These protectors are easy to open and set up. Pops fit snug but easy to put the pop in the protector, without worrying about damaging the pop. The are very durable and they stack well.

Top Notch Very Impressed

This is a very high quality protector with subtle differences that set it apart from the rest. I haven’t seen any better.

Just awesome!

The best product I’ve ever bought. Highly recommend to anyone!

Best in Biz

Nothing else comes close. The gold standard in Pop protectors. The most elite protector in the business hands down