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Protectors are great clear and super premium feel.

Just tje best

Best Funko Pop protector out there. Quick shipping, great value.


Love these protectors. Fold out great and are sturdy.

Now a believer

I will be the first to admit that I thought it was all hype with VV when I first got into the hobby. I found a protector from another company that I thought was going to be my go to. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when I found out that company wasn't shipping until July. Decided to go with VV. The hype is worth EVERY PENNY! I am now a customer for life!

The Display Vault Air
J.V. (Charlotte, US)
Perfect display

Really cool way to display your pops and really light so it makes it easy to hand without putting holes in the wall.

The Display Vault Air
Brian (Nashville, US)
Fabulous Product

Always great products! Will be buying again

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Luis Molina (Oakland Gardens, US)
The BEST Legendary HardStack

This product is beyond phenomenal and a must for any grail/signature collector! Pricey but there is a reason for it! In my honest opinion it’s the best HardStack protector for Funko collectors!

The Display Vault Air
Robert Ocana (Edinburg, US)
The Best Display Out

The display is by far the easiest to install and the most premium display for your pops out there. I love that even if you have a vaulted armor, you can still display it proudly! Will definitely keep buying more.

The Display Vault
Adrian (Oakland, US)

The only protectors I trust for my funkos. Was super excited to put my last of us prototypes into the display vault. Now I feel confident that my prototypes will always be safe. Can't wait to buy the XL display case. Thank you vaulted vinyl.

Gold Standard

Favorite protectors I’ve used. Super premium. The gold standard. Protecting my passion

V2 Premium Protectors for Funko POP! figures (4 Inch) [0.50MM]
Virginia Underwood (Fernandina Beach, US)
Best protectors

I love the vaulted vinyl protectors and their ability to close flat on top. Many brands do not and it makes stacking pops impossible.


Amazing quality with quick shipping. Many thanks

The Display Vault
Pop Lover (Tokyo, JP)
The best showcase ever!

It was my first time to purchase Display Vault.
Beautiful and awesome!Smoothly fit for Legendary.I cant ‘t wait purchasing again and XL next time!

Best in the market

Love LOVE these protectors.

Great, Easy to use, Stackable

Love these protectors also very crystal clear, and easy to use, but wish they had protectors for Jumbo Funko.

Great protectors

I have used them all and these are the best! It’s a premium product at a affordable price. I would recommend these to any serious collector that wants to protect their pops. I do wish Vaulted made some different sizes though like 4 pack protectors and other sizes. But these are the best you can buy for the money! And they are the only ones I use and I have over 250 pops and my collections value is over 5,000 dollars at the moment

Great Protectors

I’m greatly impressed and glad I’d listened to suggestions. With 700+ Pops I will definitely be back from time to time to buy more.

The best in the game!

These are the best protection you can get. Any pops that come in, I always put them in a VV protector right away! Great stuff.


Absolutely love how they look and feel, definitely would recommend to anyone!

The Best!!

I’m officially Vaulted Vinyl obsessed and once you try them you will be too!!

The Display Vault
Joshuah Abbott (Portland, US)

Such an amassing product definitely need the 6 pack!!!!


I have been collecting these funko's and only collect the ones I want to keep. I have the one-piece collection but hate that I can't stack them. These are very durable and are great for stacking. Will be back to buy 200 more from time to time. But I recommend it 100%

The only 2-Pack Protectors I'll use!

I love these things. Same high quality and easy assembly as the 4-inch Protectors, and just roomy enough that none of the 2-Pack Pops I've used them on are snug or tight.

Best protectors around

These protectors are the best for keeping my pops safe. I would recommend this if you are just trying to keep your pops from getting damaged

Best in the market

I use these for my vaulted collection def worth the money easy to setup also