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The Display Vault
Anonymous (Phoenix, US)
Such a great product

It was a great thing to have at the con I went to in Salt Lake City! Only thing I would like to have added to this is a strap to go around the should to be taken on and off

Best protectors out there!

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Jacob Medina (Los Angeles, US)
Best protectors

Fits like a glove


Best pop protectors I've ever used! Compared to the cheap ones these are as indestructible as seen in videos. A must for grails!

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Anonymous (Atlanta, US)
Best Protector on the market!

Best Protector on the market for grails! Strongest and clearest protector.

The Display Vault
Stella Clark (Mt. Dora, US)
Awesome product

I bought this for my husband and he loved it. Seems very sturdy and came packaged very well. He stuck his 3 favorite pops in and they fit great.

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Brett Mamizuka (Buffalo, US)
Fits like a glove

Fits the Pop! better than some of the other protectors. No room to wiggle.

The Display Vault Air
Nate Malone (Plainview, US)
Awesome product, but…

I absolutely love this product, but I wish it held the 7 bucks a pop Pop Armor hard stacks. I get that there is competition, but the one I bought will probably be the only one because of this. Great product, but won’t buy again until it fits more hard stack options.

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Ramon Mendoza (Cincinnati, US)
Best protectors

Best Funko protectors I’ve had. Definitely getting more

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Charles Dagenhart (Greensboro, US)
Excellent Product!!

Great product to protect your pops. Crystal clear and looks really clean. A++++

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Brian Romero (Paramount, US)
King of Pop Protectors?

Best of the best. These are very amazing, however the price is debatable.

Good stuff

Best protector I’ve purchased. Ordered some cheaper .5mm protectors from eBay that came from China. These are by far superior and the plastic is super clear. Worth the price and plan on buying again.

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Jonathan (Los Angeles, US)
Amazing Product

Game changer really worth it super clear! Makes my pops look even better

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Bryan Albin (Zeeland, US)

100% worth every penny best protectors on the market buying more


The BEST funko protectors i have ever owned. Every funko in my PC is vaulted vinyl now. It’s simply the best and you can never settle for less than the best. They are perfect for stacking and you can feel how protective they are as well.

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
james H. (Downey, US)
Next level Stuff

Bought 12 of these. 100% worth it.

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Dor Grossbauch (Kiryat Ono, IL)
Amazing quality

The best protectors ever!

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Joe Zrebiec (South Amboy, US)
Vaulted Vinyl Legendary

Definitely a premium protector. It is highly more durable in comparison to other protectors on the market. Also I enjoy the attention to detail not only in the product but in the packaging of it. Really gives the legendary, as well as all of vaulted vinyls products that sense of hierarchy over other products on the market.

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
ivan gonzales (Boise, US)
Best hard armor’s

One of the best hard armor out there price is a little high but can’t beat how great there made. Love how the lid isn’t big and bolky like other hard armor will be buying more soon.

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Dan Vue (Cottage Grove, US)
Legendary hardstack

Top notch hardstack protectors!!! But it's pricey at $30 each...

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Kevin Rodriguez (Nashville, US)
Best protector ever made!!

10/10 best on the market hands down wouldn’t trust my pops with any other brand!

Happy customer

Such an amazing design can barely tell they’re in protectors. Thank you to Ray Figz for the referral.

Great Pop Protectors!

Great Pop protectors for your Funko collection!


good product


Great product!