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The Display Vault Air Card Edition
Matt Stone (Copperas Cove, US)

These are the perfect addition for any card collector. I myself love displaying my prized pokemon cards as wall art and these offer the perfect solution. Amazing quality and design.

The Display Vault Air
Julia Bychynska (Ivano-Frankivsk, UA)
Display Vaulted Air

Excellent display quality and very easy to install, and more importantly, it has a stylish look, I definitely recommend it.

The Display Vault Air
Jessica Myles (Arlington, US)

I freaking LOVE these displays! I have 2 now but I’m so so buying more in the future. The shipping is fast, the packaging is amazing and the quality is great! I’m so grateful that I discovered this company a while back. Such a cool, dope, product and I hope this company forever stays in business :)

The crispiest vinyl protector around

My Pops look so much better with the clean edged Vaulted vinyl protectors. The sides are extremely flat and give all my Pops a minty look.

The Display Vault Air
Rubi Alba (Orange, US)
Loved them

I bought the 6 pack and I was very pleased with them they are absolutely amazing! I will be buying another set because 6 was not enough with all the funkos I have lol

Crystal clear, smooth and durable.

Amazing delivery time and great quality like always.

The Display Vault Air
M.H. (Ocala, US)

Absolutely love my display!

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
George Belle (Lake View, US)
Worth every penny

I used to be weird about how much I would spend on protectors until I actually bought one of these and compared it to other brands. Crystal clear, more compact, and comes with an individual microfiber cloth to clean them with. Awesome product

Great product

Best protector around. Very solid!

Would recommend to any collector

Easy to pop into shape, and crystal clear display. Definitely buying more of these to continue protecting my collection

The Display Vault Card Edition
Bflog11 (Scarsdale, US)
Great Product

Will definitely buy from again!

Amazing product, looks so cool to display your expensive/ valuable signed funkos etc.) HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying the Lengendary vinyl to protect ur funkos . Would definitely buy again !

I liked how nice it is and how snugg it is to display my pops. Only downside I gotta switch my big boy protectors to the small thin ones in order to fit but it's an FIX

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Anthony Vavzincak (Cleveland, US)

Amazing product

You guys are number 1 in everything

Great protectors!

Protects the pops well. Flat top without bubbling which allows for easy stacking!

The Vaulted Vinyl® Guardian
Anonymous (Medford, US)

Can’t be happier with my purchase.

Top tier protectors

These protectors are amazing definitely gonna get more of these for my collection.

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary
Cristian Camacho (Houston, US)
Top tier armor

Definitely love the quality of this armor I would recommend buying these for your collection.

Vaulted are the best

The vaulted pop protectors give the best protection for your money, especially for higher volume collectors, because the more you buy, the better the price per unit.

Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary (Black Friday - 1 Pack)
Jesusalonzo Garcia (Chicago, US)

I always buy these protectors cause they’re thee best