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Your collection is your story. Share it with the world.

Along the journey of life, we collect stories that stick with us forever. Oftentimes, these stories are connected to the things that we are passionate about, like our collections. Whether these stories bring inspiration, gratitude, smiles, or tears, they shape us into who we are today and who we will become tomorrow.

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Collection™ shares the stories of passionate collectors around the world through their most cherished collectibles.


Regina with Fireball

"Regina with fireball was the first once upon a time pop I wanted after binging the show in college. I was pop hunting at a second hand store and while looking through their stock I happened to glance above the counter and saw the pop I had been hunting for, Regina with Fireball. After securing it I knew it had to be signed and having that evil queen character name makes it my favorite pop in my collection. I love the joy of finding what you've been searching for during a pop hunt and having the opportunity to get it signed just makes it that more special. ."

- Brenna Greenall

June 1, 2023


Halloween Series Freddy Funko as Devil

"This Funko Pop is special to me because it was the first one I won in a raffle and was what started my collection of Digital Funko Pops that were redeemable of course but also some that were a token/card."

- Ryan Haycox

May 25, 2023


Chase Pennywise (IT)

"This pop was very difficult for me to acquire, I couldn't find it anywhere. My father without having a clue found it for me on a trip he made and since he knew that I love the works of Stephen King, he bought it for me without knowing that I was looking for it. I love that feeling, I love this pop, I love my father."

- Antonio Ortiz

May 18, 2023


Ezio Assassins Creed

"My wife got Ezio from Assasins Creed for me because she knew it was my favorite game and went through a frenzy with the post office to get it. It was the first one I really collected and the addiction followed."

- Daniel Cianciolo

May 11, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Collection - Collector


Anakin Skywalker (Dark Side)

"He is my favorite Jedi and Sith Lord in all of Star Wars. So, it's the perfect pop because he's still Anakin, but almost Vader and I really love the detail on the pop. "

- Josh Russell

May 4, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Collection - Collector


Boba Fett (Prototype)

"This Boba Fett was my first Pop figure I ever collected and it was given to me by my mother. It holds a significant place in my collection as it is a reminder of where I started, all the way up to where I am today. Despite the other Pop figures I've collected, this one stands out as being both the starter to Pop collecting, and a gift of encouragement to do what I wanted to do. "

- Brandon Hui

April 27, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Collection - Collector


Freddy Funko as Flavor Flav

"Being on the older side of collecting, I started high school in 1989. I started DJing in 1987. Public Enemy was what really got me amped up about hip-hop. I've been a toy collector for as long as I can remember. Growing up in suburban New Jersey we always had access to NYC and Philadelphia's great toy shops. Flavor Flav is an icon to me that reminds me of a simpler time that always puts a smile on my face! Freddy Funko is an icon to me as well that brings joy. The two together is just perfection. I'm thankful for another great community member, who let me purchase this from them a year and a half ago. It left my side once it won't leave again!! it’s in its final resting spot in a legendary protector!"

- Josh Engel

April 20, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Collection - Collector



"I can't say that I only have one favorite I love all my Funkos! But when my wife and I got together she had been collecting Funkos. Immediately I was enthralled, Because as a child I had been collecting bobbleheads but my parents threw them all away. Now Just over a year I have amassed over 1200 Funkos, i love them! So I just want to say thank you to my wife Melissa and to Funko for re establishing a bond between me And these characters."

- William Ross

April 13, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection



"I have loved Elvira since I first laid eyes on her when I was 5 years old back in 1987. She was always a part of my life and my dreams came true when I finally got to meet Cassandra Peterson at a local Comic-Con in 2018. I took my Elvira Pop and got it signed by Elvira herself. Words can’t describe. ."

- John Medina

April 5, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Alice in wonderland - Cheshire cat

"This was the first pop I ever received or got back in 2012. My grandma brought it home one day and told me she saw it and said Even if I didn't want it she was going to get it for me Little did she know that would start my collection. From 2012 forward I continued my Funko collection that has never stopped growing since. The Cheshire cat will always hold a special place in my heart due to the fact that I was my first piece ever and it's what made me love Funko so much."

- Adam Vincelet

March 30, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Signed Ichigo 59 Pop

"This is a pop that is signed by my favorite Voice Actor Johnny Yong Bosch. The minute they make Code Geass pops, a Lelouch Pop would be my instant favorite!."

-Edgar Neira

March 23, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Steamboat Willie

"Mickey Mouse Original character is Steamboat Willie is my all time favorite cartoon character and i couldn't find the funko pop anywhere and a very special friend from youtube and instagram new i was looking for it and sent one to me as a suprise gift and wanted nothing in return for it. It is a high valued pop but will always be priceless to me."

-Frankie Ciamarichello

March 16, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Jerry Rice No Helmet Red 49ers Jersey

"Jerry Rice was my boyhood hero when I was growing up. I watched every 49er's game I could on TV. I loved his work ethic and the way he respected and played the game. I don't mind this one not being in a box, I get to look at it every day while I work. This is one I never would have sold, traded, or gave away. "

-Jonathan Currier

March 9, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection

Gyomie Chase

"He is my favorite character on Demon slayer and I waited 6 hours outside in the cold at 0 degree weather at Hot Topic in Minnesota."

- Lee Vang

March 2, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Speedy Gonzales

"Growing up my mom was always working more than her job as a teacher and would be tough for her to find the time once home to spend any time with me. But when she did her best to spend a little bit of that time home with me before falling asleep of exhaustion we would watch the looney tunes cartoons. We both shared a love for Speedy and his adventures with or without his funny cousin Slowpoke Rodriguez. A lot of times I catch myself feeling that childhood warmth whenever I look at Speedy in my pop collection. Now that I care for her and she lives with me and roles are reversed, I understand and appreciate all she did working and trying to find time to even enjoy a cartoon with me. Which is why I got it early on in my collection and has a very sentimental place in my heart."

- Luis Ramirez

February 23, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Obi Wan Kenobi (Holographic Pop)

"This Pop is special because I recently got it signed by Obi Wan Kenobi himself, Ewan Mcgregor, at Star Wars Celebration 2022! It was amazing to meet the legend himself and he's my favorite Star Wars character! "

- Kelvin Nguyen

February 9, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Heisenberg 162

"This is the first Funko Pop! I ever purchased. He started it all & I am a huge Breaking Bad fan. Now my collection spans from Care Bears all the way to Horror. Literally everything and Heisenberg is to blame for it all. "

-Chance McBay

February 2, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Marty McFly Plutonium

"I was born in late 80's and I was born deaf. I couldn’t hear anything. While I grew up I was watching Back To The Future. I didn’t hear what were they saying but I understood the story by watching the scenes without hearing. I kept watching it and started to fall in love with those movies especially Part One. I like the story about Marty Mcfly and Dr. Brown being friends and Marty tried to save his family. His mom was flirting with her own son while she didn't know he was from future. Hahaha.... The car caught my eyes and they called it "Time Machine". Nobody can come up with idea for making time machine automobile and I thought it was brilliant. Back to the Future is still one of my favorite childhood movies. I believe that I would have die to meet Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. "

-Austin Lewis

January 26, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Aang (Avatar State)

"Aang was my first pop ever which I bought on sale from GameStop because it looked so cool. Not only is it my first ever pop but also was a child hood favorite show that I ended up watching many more times since it was added to Netflix. The show has gotten me through good and bad times and the ups and downs of life. Having watched it in elementary school and gotten me through the stress of college this pop was the perfect way to pay homage. "

-Christopher Petrocelli

January 19, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Black Light Eddie Brock

"This pop was the first ever pop I won on Instagram! Not only was it my first win but it was my first black light pop. Entering in giveaways I never expect to win, I do it mainly to support the person who is doing the giveaways to show people how awesome they are also to show them that they have my support! Once I received Eddie I fell in love with the kindness of the funko community. We are not just collectors or sellers or buyers, we are family we all share the same passion for funkos. "We Are Changing The World 1 Funko At A Time" I like to say. So with that said Eddie Brock is my favorite funko with the best meaning, and also an awesome movie!! "

-Alora Booher

January 12, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Chewbacca - Star Wars

"This Funko Pop is very special to me because it's signed by Peter Mayhew. He was at our comic convention in Albuquerque back in January of 2019. I was so excited to get it signed by him it's the only Funko Pop at the time I could find. Sadly he passed away months later in April. He was such a kind and loving person when I met him, the perfect Chewbacca character he was. This Funko Pop will always have a special place in my collection. "

-Alfred Candelaria

January 5, 2023

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean

"What makes this pop special to me is that when I was going through my chemotherapy in the hospital, I watched all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This would keep me laughing and just enjoying life to the fullest as I thought it was coming to an end."

-Alberto Ochoa

December 29, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Him - Powerpuff Girls

"Every tattoo I have that I got or that I am planning on getting, I would buy the Funko for, except one..."Him". One day explaining this to my girlfriend, I told her that I planned on saving up to get "Him". She excused herself claiming she had to use the restroom and came back and showed me her phone where she had just purchased the "Him" pop for me. She isn't the biggest fan of the pop collection, but her doing that for me because she knew how much it meant, means the world to me. It's the one Funko that I will never part with."

-Isidro Hyatt

December 22, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Lucy - I Love Lucy

"For a large part of my life my grandmother Lucy had raised me. When I was just a boy, I was raised by my dad and my grandma. My father eventually remarried, but at the age of 14 I found myself homeless with my brother. My grandmother, not having much more than a Plot of land, allowed us to camp on her land as she worked to provide for us. Time was good to me, I have an incredible family and incredible wife and incredible kids who were raised to be grateful people and she is all of the reason I am who I am and the world is sprinkled with bits of people who appreciate life and love all people. I moved away and time went by slowly. The times between seeing her got longer and one time I went back, she forgot who I was. It is so sad to see her and her not remember me or my children. But I remember all the great times we had watching I love Lucy. She will always be my Lucy and I love her so much. She's currently living on her land and her house is slowly deteriorating but I will always remember her as the immovable wall of strength and courage. I truly do love Lucy"

-Alex Saldivar

December 15, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Bobby Singer - Supernatural

"This pop was always a must have when I started collecting. Supernatural was the first show my family really ever sat down and watched all together. My dad always said Sam and Dean reminded him of my brother and I. So we always joked he and Bobby were twins!! I was looking for a Bobby for a long time and they were so expensive. I found one for a good price with a damaged box, I didn't care I jumped at the chance. It will forever be cherished and remind me of my dad and that special family time we all shared! "

-Justin Curtis

December 8, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Leonardo - TMNT

"This was my first ever convention in Pennsylvania that my wife surprised me with tickets for and surprised me with some autographs she got me one being Brian Tochi voice actor of Leonardo in the live action TMNT movies!! I was beyond hyped to meet him and a few others that day!! This being my one and only autographed pop holds a special spot in my collection thanks to my wife!! "

-Wilfredo Vicente

December 1, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Steve - Stranger Things (Baskin Robbins)

"This Stranger Things Steve is the most special Pop in my collection because it came into my life when I needed a pick me up most. I have been struggling with some health issues the past couple of years, and around 2018/2019 was the worst of it. Anyways, I had told my mom about the Steve Funko pop releasing in Baskin Robbins and asked her if she could take me there when it released. I saw it hit stores online but I didn't even wanna leave home. She knew the reason so she practically dragged me there, she bought me the pop and an ice cream and I swear when I got that rush us nerds feel when having a new pop in our hands it made me feel so much better. Oh and also Steve Harrington is the best Stranger Things character. Also the ice cream slapped. Funny thing is its my favorite pop in my collection and yet its the least expensive one, value wise, but the little story behind it makes it the best for me, and it was a gift from my mom who I love. :) It's a good reminder that a positive attitude will go a long way!"

-Kenneth Cruz

November 17, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Westley (Chase)

"The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies and books. I have loved the movie and the book ever since I was a kid. When I first started collecting with my husband it was one of the first sets we completed. My husband was kind enough to get them for me. Recently we read the book, and watched the movie together and it renewed our love for the story. I love the chase version of Westley where he is masked. It is one of my favorite Funko pops and it has been sitting in my office at work since my husband gifted it to me. Today Matthew my husband went to FanX where Cary Elwes made an appearance. He took my chase Westley and had it personalized, signed and certified just for me. I'm so blessed to have someone so caring and kind for a husband. Matthew is my best friend and we do everything together even collecting."

-Marta Borchert

November 10, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Jeff Dunham (Chase) - Autographed

"I met my wife 16yrs ago. I just started collecting Funko Pops a year ago and I found out Jeff Dunham had a pop made of him, so I ordered one from his website. When it came, it was the first chase I ever had. Jeff Dunham was the first show I took my wife to. The show was at the Allentown Fairgrounds. She loves him and we loved the show. 2 weeks after, I had to choose to either stay in USA or go back to London. I tore up my plane ticket and we started our lives together. 16yrs later, finding the pop and it being the chase... I would never part with it. It holds the memory of such a wonderful evening with my now wife and I will never forget that night."

-Simon Holden

November 3, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Huckleberry Hound

"I started collecting Funko pops just this July 2022. Amazingly, I already am building up a pile of grails in a matter of 3 months collecting. What struck me to get this memorable pop, is the history of the Hanna Barbera company. Back in my younger age, I enjoyed the Flinstones, Jetsons, Yogi , etc. My favorite is Huckleberry Hound which I got from Funko Hollywood. It is limited to 1000 pcs and signed by the CEO himself for the first 50 who lined up early."

-John Boyles

October 27, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Harley Quinn 45 (HT144)

"I've been collecting for a little over a decade now and this pop has always been my goal to attain. While I always kept my collection up to date there was always a missing piece. After 8 years I was finally able to finish it. This pop, even before I owned it, was and will continue to be my most prized and cherished. It's a constant reminder of not giving up and why I love collecting in the first place."

-Carlos Barraza

October 20, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Blade PX Exclusive

"This Pop is special to me since it was the first holiday gift from my lovely girlfriend. I love the effort she went in getting me a pop of my favorite Marvel character. Now, I'm sharing my hobby with my awesome stepson."

-Jose Castro

October 13, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Gyomei Himejima

"If very special to me because it is one pop my son and I were hoping to score for our Demon Slayer set. Every collector knows that playing online chase roulette is fun and the odds are very low. Well, when we received our package, my son and I each picked one box and open them up at the same time. The excitement of my son scoring the chase is a memory I'll never forget!"

-Herbert Galvez

October 6, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Spider-Man Homecoming

"This Spider-Man pop means absolutely everything to me. I started my collection in 2017 with the Spider-Man far from home pops, since then I have gone to conventions, pop-swaps, have indulged into the Funko NFT space greatly and most of all has influenced me to obtain 165 additional pops for my growing collection!!!! Funko is everything to me, it has even Influenced my fashion sense with all the awesome T-shirt’s and hoodies I’ve had the pleasure of collecting! Who knows if I’d be as big of a fanatic if I hadn’t seen that Spider-Man pop that day!"

-Andrew Graves

September 29, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


One Piece Monkey D. Luffy

"I’ve always believed that watchers and collectors of anime hold a deep grasp on what's important to them. See there's these unspoken bonds that form, because let's face it a lot these characters come from the darkest of stories. And like them, many times we find ourselves lost or defeated. But when you find that particular character you learn how to take any time and make it a great time. While even sometimes subliminally taking on a few values and for the most part I believe that to be great. That's why Monkey D. Luffy the bright eyed king of the pirates was my one of the first pops ever bought and is my all time favorite. From a military grandpa, a tough father, a crew closer then family, with a dash of ADHD no other pop I have comes close. I guess funny enough I never thought about it, but while I was watching all Luffy’s battles this little pop was watching my own, funny how that works. Anyways Vaulted Vinyl keep doing you and pop fam keep smiling. Peace out."

-Matthew Bendas

September 22, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Ragnar Lothbrok

"It's important to me because it's part of my ancestral history. Being that my 5x great grandparents were from Norway and Sweden Viking blood runs through my veins. This Funko was also given to me by a very good friend of mine and without him I wouldn't have ever had it in my collection."

-Jarrod Burgin

September 15, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Smokey The Bear

"This pop means a lot because it's a reminder of where I once was and where I am today. It reminds me of working in the mountains of Montana as a wildland firefighter, which was a life altering experience that changed me forever. It's the reminder of how much I've changed and how I wouldn't be where I am today if it were not for those mountains helping me heal from traumas. It’s a reminder that healing is possible no matter how broke we may think we are. "

-Bryan Buendia

September 1, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection



"My now wife got that pop for me on our first anniversary before we got married. It was one of the most expensive pops we had gotten at that point. It's such a big deal because she has supported me through so much and help me grow as a person it holds a special place in my heart. Also unlike past relationships where I've been told I'm wasting money, sell it all or you're such a child. It's incredible to have a spouse support you and the things you love. I've now gone on to start a successful social media platform around funkos and she continues to support me everyday!"

-Chris Owen

August 25, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Rocky Balboa holding chicken

"I saw Rocky when I was 13. It was life-changing. It showed me how working hard and pushing yourself can overcome great odds. I started drinking eggs, lifting weights and running. I was a good athlete, but at 5'8" needed to do more to compete with the big guys. I lived the Rocky mantra. I went on to set school records, play college baseball and win a national title in softball at 31. Now, at 59, I face different challenges physically and mentally. This Funko is about putting in the work. The work is what keeps us young."

-Rob Gladstone

August 18, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection

Edward Gilpin

Ryuk - Death Note

"The Ryuk death note Funko pop was bought for me by my daughter. I was going through a rough bout of depression when my daughter convinced me to start watching Japanese animation with her. I reluctantly agreed and we started of with Death Note. I quickly took an interest in the storyline and each day we would watch a few episodes together. This created something for me to look forward to and helped to ease my anxiety and depression. After watching the series together, my daughter went on a hunt to find me the Ryuk pop. Needless to say she's young and doesn't make much money so when she surprised me with Ryuk I was overwhelmingly surprised. This pop has become a symbol to me of those hard times and reminds me of that low point in my life that was turned around by spending time with my daughter."

-Edward Gilpin

August 11, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


2018 Fall Convention Brook from One Piece

"Brook was the first Funko order from Hot Topic back when I first started collecting Funko Pops in the summer 2018. One Piece is my favorite anime of all time, so for me it was a no-brainer to pick this guy up. Brook's character is jolly and funny when he is with his crew, but when he is facing a tough opponent he can become one of the strongest fighters in the One Piece universe. Brook is able to be optimistic and happy despite his tragic past, much like most of the other Straw Hat Pirates. Overall, the design for Brook is very well done. The detail put into this pop is amazing! His "Soul King" costume is one of the most interesting ones he has. He is definitely a personal grail of mine."

-Paul Lee

August 4, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Signed Naruto Shippuden Rock Lee

"In 2020 I was in a car accident that required me to have a spinal fusion. The recovery has been a long and arduous process that continues to this day but after months of physical therapy I was well enough to travel to a local convention and get my Rock Lee signed by his English voice actor Brian Donovan. I feel like Rock Lee is the perfect example of sticking to your goals until you achieve them and helped motivate me to continue on my journey."

-Joshua Valdez

July 28, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Tali from Mass Effect

"Mass Fffect was always that one go to game for me where I could escape from reality and be somewhere sci-fi and out of this world. Tali was and still is my favorite companion. She had such a vastly different but positive out look in life. She strived to the best version of herself she could be and help others every chance she had. She was one of the first pops I bought and opened the flood gates to where I am now in my collection :)"

-Andrew Alling

July 21, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


1970’s Elvis

"My 1970s Elvis is the first grail I ever purchased. Growing up all my dad did was listen to Elvis. When I turned 20 we got the chance to visit Graceland together and it was a special trip. I got to learn about my dad’s love for Elvis and generate a love and passion for Elvis’ music just like my dad. I knew my first grail needed to be special and I decided that this was the one that I’d want because it always makes me think of my dad and the bond that we share together."

-Kenney Whitman

July 14, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Black Panther GITD Marvel Corps

"This character was my very first pop and I got it because I thought Chadwick Boseman was very influential to me as I had cancer a few years ago. I thought it was the hardest thing of my life, I could barely move or get out of bed from the chemo. When I found out he was fighting and acting at the same time he instantly gained my respect and I forever am inspired to always do better and always fight."

-Blake Farren

July 7, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Clark Kent Smallville

"I was deeply affected by this show growing up, and getting this autograph gave me further inspiration to fulfill my dream to meet Tom Welling and tell him how important his portrayal of Superman was to my younger self. This show got me through some rough teenage years, and this will always be my favorite pop!"

-William Cate

June 30, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Avatar Blue Spirit Glow Chase

"I have the rare privilege of a twin brother who shares a lot of my interests. Growing up, we particularly enjoyed watching TV together. We were early fans of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and would look forward to catching the latest episode every Friday evening after school. All these years later from when it first aired in 2005, ATLA is one of my most rewatched shows and my brother and I still regularly reference it in our day to day conversations. “The Blue Spirit” was one of our favorite episodes and from the moment Funko announced a POP, I knew I had to get my hands on a Chase! I searched every Hot Topic store in my area for a couple weeks, but the Chase continued to elude me. Just when I felt ready to give up, my local Hot Topic announced a restock. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of a particularly busy day at work and couldn’t find an opportunity to visit the store. Thankfully, my brother was able to take some time out of his day off and returned victorious with the store’s last Chase in hand — the first Chase in my collection! Though my brother isn’t a collector himself, he regularly supports my efforts to grow my collection and understands how much it means to me. Now, The Blue Spirit stands as a reminder of not only a television show that I love, but also the strong bond I have with my brother."

-Vishal Satish

June 23, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Planet Arlia Vegeta

"This was the first pop that got me into collecting. I came across this particular funko pop at a convention in 2018. However this also has a special place in my heart in 2016 my grandmother who I was close with passed due to pancreatic cancer, but not even 6 months later my own mother was diagnosed with the same pancreatic cancer. Of course this was a shock to the whole family, and I was working full time but still living with her. The decision was made to have her go to a different city 4 hours away for treatment. I was in not a great headspace trying to figure out my life as both my mom and grandma wanted me to live it to the fullest, but I needed something to try and take my mind away from the negatives. I came across a vendor who had all these figures and started a conversation with him, and he taught me about Funko Pops eveything from grails, chases to even vaulted pops. He then told me about the this Planet Arlia Vegeta and the history price was a little up there for around the time, but I called my mother because I always did with big purchases to see what she thought. She told me "If getting into collecting will help distract me from all the bad things going on and make me happy go for it." That advice is something I have always taken with me and even applied it to other aspects of life besides collecting, and has helped me get out of my comfort zone. And whenever I look at this Planet Arlia Vegeta I always remember eveything my mom had told me and every moment we had together. I love you Mom. Rest In Peace. ❤️"

-Emiliano Zapata

June 16, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


The Hatbox Ghost

"The Hatbox Ghost was my first grail and still one of my favorite Pops. It went perfect with the Disney exclusive Madame Leota I had received as a gift the month before! I got extremely lucky when I won it from a mystery box around January 2020. Those two Haunted Mansion pops really meant a lot to me and jump started my collection. At the time, I had maybe 10 Pops and now, mid-2022, I have over 300 and almost all in VV soft protectors! I love seeing my favorite anime, comicbook, and horror characters on display! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of walking into the room and seeing all of them."

-Mauricio Monsivais

June 9, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection

John Evans

TMNT The Last Ronin Custom

"Hey everyone the name is John and I was injured a few years back at work and lost the use of my right hand which has been a whole learning experience like no other trying to live day to day life. Somedays it can be very depressing especially when I try and play with my daughter and can only use one hand. So my amazing wife knows I love TMNT and the Last Ronin especially since I told her the first movie I seen in theaters was TMNT Secret of The Ooze. She searched and found this awesome custom Last Ronin pop and surprised me with it last Christmas. So now when ever I feel down I look at my Last Ronin pop and think if Mikey can keep going with all those odds stacked against him, so can I cuz I always have my family and my will to survive to get me through the hardest of times no matter the odds. This pop just has a lot of meaning to me."

-John Evans

May 26, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Dalvin Cook

"This Dalvin Cook Funko Pop is special to me because I gave it to my father. This was his favorite football team. He passed away from cancer. This is one of the many ways that I never forget him. He will always be my friend and father forever. I miss him and love him everyday. "

-Shawn Leonard

May 12, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Zack Snyder’s Justice League 4 Pack (DCShop Exclusive LE 500)

"‘Man of Steel’ is undoubtedly my favorite CBM of all time. I’m also one of those weirdos that thinks Batman V Superman was a masterpiece, Martha and all. The Snyder Cut of the Justice League has been an incredible movement to watch, and be part of. This wasn’t a perfect film, but a thing isn’t beautiful because it’s perfect. There is some wonderful congruence in the story of the trilogy, and the journey of getting it made.

I wanted to create something unique, and so my fiancé and I spent considerable time customizing the gorgeous Display Vault to accommodate the irregular sizes. I’m quite proud of the result. In conclusion, #restorethesnyderverse"

-Vidur Hans

May 5, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Bro Thor

"This character meant so much to me when he was created in the Marvel Endgame movie. It was a rare opportunity for Hollywood to make a statement about Mental Health and I think they did a great job capturing the experience of the pits of despair after failure. While some saw it as comic relief, it was so much more than that and I snatched it up immediately, becoming the 11th pop in my collection."

-Jordan Morrissey

April 14, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Godzilla - Books-A-Million Exclusive

"This Godzilla pop has the most emotional connection with me. When I was younger my grandmother and I would stay up late watching the old school black and white Godzilla movies. I wish I could watch a few movies with her now but I'm in a different state and she had a stroke and is in a nursing home. Now that I have kids we occasionally will watch some of the movies. Hopefully my kids will continue to watch when they get older."

-Deon Springfield

April 7, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection



"While I was under chemotherapy it felt like hell. I couldn't do anything but to be in bed for two whole weeks. The third week was like my resting time before the next round of chemotherapy. In that time I would feel very sad and very much in pain. A friend had introduced me to Funko. However, at that time I thought they were ugly and stupid. Regardless, he told me about them again and I started looking at them differently because it made me forget the situation I was going through and helped me get through the following weeks of necessary pain. This Gohan was a gift given to me by my friend."

-Carlos Cardoso

April 1, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Original Dark Phoenix



"My OG Dark Phoenix was the third pop I ever bought! Dark Phoenix is my favorite Marvel character and I was so excited to find a figure of her in Barnes & Nobel back in 2013. There wasn't a lot of merchandise for Dark Phoenix so I was super happy to have her and still am! She has been my desk buddy at every job I have had to the present. She reminds me that I am strong and capable of accomplishing any task before me!"

-Hali Berry

March 23, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection




"Pikachu was the first ever pop I purchased that started the passion for Funko. I ran a pokemon club in the school that my wife and I own. Funko quickly became what I enjoyed more for sure. The ability to put them all over my wall and the parents and kids love seeing what goes up next. It brings so much joy to see everyone find something that they can remember from the past. It is a hunt that feels like it may never stop and that is what makes it so much fun. I have around 350 pop in my collection and can't wait to add more. Due to the limited space in my office I have to be selective on what goes up and that helps add a fun detail to what I get to hunt for. Funko had become a family with all the great connections I have been able to make. "

-Chris Paynter

March 10, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Black Widow (Signed)


"The signed black widow I obtained in person is my most special pop in my collection of 800. This is because Scarlett Johansson and Black Widow hold an extremely special place in my heart - everyone who knows me knows this. She was my bucket list item and having a signed BW was my holy grail. During my lowest and darkest period of time in my life, I wasn't going to try to get it signed due to the circumstances. But a part of me stuck it out and still gave it a shot since I would end up regretting and hating myself for not. It was also my second chance at redemption as the first time I tried (3 years prior) I had failed miserably and the bad decisions I made at the time ate at me for years. This time around, while I was in my darkest period of time in my life, I ended up getting it signed in person. A dream come true, a miracle. It showed me that even on the worst days there's a possibility of joy. It taught me that if you stick by what you're passionate about, don't give up and dedicate towards it, miracles can happen. Therefore every day I have this signed pop sitting at my work desk reminding me that even on the worst days there's a possibility of joy and that I could overcome the darkest periods if they were to happen again. It shows a sign of hope, optimism, and light."

-Sandi Leung

March 3, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


The Penguin Impopster


"The Penguin Impopster was the very first pop I ever got from one of my best friends the day he was moving away. I knew how much his pop collection meant to him so it really meant a lot for him to share a part of it with me. He knew I was a huge Batman fan and thought it might add to my Batman Batcave themed office. Now I have over 100 different Batman pops but the Penguin Impopster, even though it's not my most valuable and not my coolest part by far, it will always hold a special place in my heart because I got it from my best friend the day he moved away. If he ever moves back I'm gonna give him a very special pop in return, maybe the Jesse Pinkman even. He loves Breaking Bad even more than I do (which is a lot)!"

-Christopher Carroll

February 24, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Blacklight Joker


"This pop is what started it all. It was the first pop I ever bought and since then I've bought well over 300 figures and am loving the hobby! The joker symbolizes the start of my journey into the pop culture world!"

-Grey Clinton

February 17, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection




"Growing up I always felt out of place and superman was my hero. He did not care what others thought about him. He always wanted to make things better.

So when I got that pop it reminded me that it's OK to be yourself and help others!"

-Amber Poston

February 10, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


NBA 05 Pau Gasol (signed)


"As a basketball and Pau Gasol fan, I bought this Pop long time ago. He's my idol, the best Spanish player of all time. He lives in USA, but in 2021, after 40 years, he played again for Barcelona and that was my chance to achieve his signature. In Tenerife, before the ACB semifinals playoff match, I waited more than four hours outside the hotel and I got Pau's signature. He's an example on and off the court. This Pop is very special for me and definitely deserves to be protected in a Vaulted Vinyl Display Vault. Thank you so much, regards from Spain!"

-Josep Anton Gomez Diaz

February 3, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Spider-man (Blacklight)


"Honestly I was intrigued by my first Funko that I bought on impulse as it brought some sort of happiness to me after I lost my father. It helped fill a void and soon after I found myself collecting more and more of them and it made me feel whole. In a way, Funko Pops helped me get through a dark time in my life and since then I've been collecting them with a passion to pass onto my son."

-Eddies Velasquez

January 27, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Kobe Bryant


"My Kobe Bryant pop means a lot to me because of how big of an influence he was for me growing up. Kobe taught us all how to work hard, and what it looked like to give something your all. His talent made me want to be just like him. Most importantly, some of the fondest memories I have came from times where my dad, brother and I got to watch him on our TV. I was very sad that he passed, but incredibly grateful to have this pop in my collection to remember him and my childhood by!"

-Andrew Ryver

January 20, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Ahsoka Tano #130


"Ever since I was a young kid I have been fascinated by stories told of other realms and galaxies far far away. Something about the stories made me feel like anything was possible. The one character that spoke to me the most was Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars. Not only was she awesome in a fight, but she embodied the characteristics of a person that I wanted to be. She was then and is now my favorite Star Wars character. "

-Josh Leigh

January 6, 2022

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


2016 SDCC Big Boy


"The Big Boy from the 2016 SDCC, limited to 480 pieces I received from a trade. The year of 2016 I went to SDCC – my second year going then. I was super excited to go and experience the fans and the environment full of fanatics and nerds such as myself. On the day when I was suppose to purchase this pop I was there waiting, anxiously waiting to be next in line. Soon as I was next we were told it has sold out. I was sad cause I’ve never wanted a toy more than him, but hey you win some you lose some. I thought I'd never have it in my collection. 

Fast forward 3 years later and on the Facebook groups I’m in some one had one for trade. They wanted a few rare pops that I had and was willing to give up for big boy. Long story short I reached out and we spoke and made the trade happen! I couldn’t believe that after 3 years, I finally would obtain my personal grail of grails. Till this day I still have him in my collection and it will never leave my side. Just writing this right now, I’m smiling ear to ear. Remembering the mission I went through for years to find him. It’s one of my favorite pops in my collection and it holds a special place in my heart."

-Marcio Chavez

December 31, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Superman signed by Brandon Routh


"Superman was my very first signed Funko Pop and meeting the Man of Steel in real life - Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) makes my dream come true. I am thankful to SpeedycomicsME who invited him to come over to Dubai. I'm a huge fan of Superman since I was a small kid as I watched the TV series in the 70s. I was inspired by his story to do good for the people around you without expecting anything in return. Seeing people happy makes you feel that you've accomplished something in life. Collecting Funko Pop figures is one of my hobbies and seeing them around my room reduces all the worries and stress of life."

-Judith Trinidad Leonor

December 23, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Wonder Woman Golden Armor Flying


"This Wonder Woman was gifted to me at a time when I needed something to remind me of how good I am and that I can achieve what I put my mind to. I dropped out of school when I was 17 because I became pregnant. I struggled through the years staying motivated to go back to school. At 39 years old I began another commitment to it with more determination then ever. It took support from my family and friends to keep me going. At one point I was going to give up again. My dad is my biggest supporter. He gifted this pop to me to remind me of how he sees me and what I can do. I graduated at 40 and never have been more proud of myself. I now collect all Wonder Woman funko pops among others with my dad. This one in particular will always remind me of who I am."

-Natasha Giannola

December 16, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Disney Fantasia Sorcerer Mickey


"This Sorcerer Mickey was a gift from my father. He sent it to me as a surprise. This was during a time when I was looking for some answers along my journey. He didn't know this though. This was an internal journey within myself. When I received it and unpackaged it, I realized how special it was. It reminded me that my father has always believed in me and that I am the sorcerer/creator of my life. It was as if the answers were presented to me in the form of a Sorcerer Mickey Funko Pop. Through this Pop, my father gave me vision in a time when the path ahead was foggy."

-Shane Kemp

Founder and CEO, Vaulted Vinyl®

December 9, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection



"Heimlich is a caterpillar who believes one day he'll become a beautiful butterfly and everything will be better. I'm transgender and ever since I was a kid, his character stuck with me as a reminder to be true to myself and one day everything will be okay. This Pop gives me all the nostalgia of my childhood but also gives a nod to my transition from who I was on the inside to who I am on the outside."

-Jay DeRita

December 2, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias Day of the Dead Edition

"I have been a huge fan of Gabriel Iglesias since I was in middle school. I related to him a lot being overweight my whole life and being raised in a Mexican-American household. With his stand up I was able to discover the world of stand up comedy and was able to learn how to deal with my self-esteem issues using humor. When I started Funko Pop Collecting, I started looking for the Fluffy pops, I was able to obtain the first 2 at a resell price and was lucky enough to get the day of the dead edition at retail price. When I finally received my pop and saw that it was signed, my eyes started tearing up. This pop, although valuable in market, will forever have a special place in my collection and heart."

-Ramon Lerma

November 24, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive Spider-man (Homecoming)

"This Spider-man was a gift from my family as a reward for finishing high school. Before that I suffered from various bullying and learning problems – I did not know what I could do, I felt alone. I identified with the character when I saw how he got up to face the problems. Thanks to this, I managed to move forward.

When I received this Pop, I saw it as a symbol of the path that I have went through, seeing that I always had my family to give me strength and help start a new stage in my life."

-Aldair Vasquez Rojas

November 18, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


The Dark Knight Joker (GITD) (2 Pack)

"This was the first pop I bought and only one I had for many years. The Dark knight is my favorite movie and I will always be in awe of what Heath accomplished with the role. As soon as I knew a two pack was being released I knew I had to get it. This pop has been down the road with me through life changes, 2 chronic diseases and a whole lot of personal character development. It helps remind me of how far I've come and hopefully how much I will continue grow as person. And I'm also a huge joker fan so it's always been my personal pop grail."

-Victor Figueroa

November 11, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Tony Montana

"This Tony Montana was a gift and also the beginning of my Funko Pop addiction. 

It started was when I was a junior in high school. My mother took me to the mall to get new running shoes. While shopping for running shoes she saw a store named Comics n' Stuff here in San Diego and stopped to go in. My mother was obsessed with the Walking Dead so she had to stop in and get a comic book. As a teenager I was like, "dude this is so dumb, cartoons are dumb, comics are dumb, everything is dumb in here." I was a teenager. All I cared about was football. 

When my mother was done, she didn't tell me that she bought the Tony Montana for me and she gave it to me in the car. I was so so so so so amazed because who doesn't like Scarface, he's awesome!!! "Say hello to my little friend" – the little kid came out of me and I was so fascinated with the way the Funko was made. I needed more! And more! And MORE! 

Just seeing this Pop gives me a flashback to where I remember telling myself that I can never stop being a little kid. Because when you were a little kid, you had the best memories and happiest times in your life. So I'll never stop collecting Funko Pops and they will always be in my heart."

-Jeremyah Quichocho

November 3, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Coca-Cola Polar Bear (Hot Topic Exclusive - Diamond Collection)

"I was staying at the Ronald McDonald House waiting for some major surgery the following morning related to my Cancer Treatment at BC Children's Hospital. My Dad surprised me by setting up a Facebook Marketplace deal for a Funko and asked the guy to meet us at RMH. I went out to meet the guy, he showed me the Diamond Collection Coca Cola Bear and I instantly fell in love. I went to reach into my pocket and pull out the money and he put his hand on my shoulder told me to put it away. He smiled and said, "you just have a speedy recovery." That act of kindness made an incredibly stressful situation so much more bearable and I'm reminded of that every time I see it."

-Logan Sloan

October 27, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Hawaiian Punch Punchy

"The reason this pop is so special to me, is because my mom had unfortunately passed away in Feb 2020. Hawaiian Punch was her every day go-to drink. I have a memorial set up for her in our house, and I bought a Punchy to go on it, and it just so happened to end up being one of the manufacturer error ones with the GITD (glow in the dark) head. I never get lucky when it comes to chases/lotteries/anything like that, so the fact that I got lucky on that pop of all things was really cool and special to me. It may not be the most valuable, or most expensive pop, but it's my favorite one in my collection nonetheless. I have it on her mantle/memorial with 4 other pops stacked in a row of 2, with Punchy on the very top, with a can of Hawaiian Punch right next to it."

-Cole Hollander

October 20, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Naruto Kakashi (Anbu) Limited Edition Chase

"I met a fellow collector named Andres online, about six months back, who I became close friends with. We always let each other know when a Pop from a certain collection is up for pre-order or sale and I had ran across this Kakashi Anbu Pop that I needed for my collection. I let Andres know it was up for pre-order so he ordered one. The website was showing only one left and I had some unexpected bills come up and couldn't afford to buy it. Andres asked me if I had ordered one and I let him know that I wouldn't be able to. Fast forward to this past week and a package shows up at my house. I opened it up to find out that Andres had bought me this Pop. We have never met, never hung out, and we don't even know a great deal about the other but this blew me away. To find someone in this climate of pandemic who took the time to do what he did seems rare. Collecting Pops was never something that I expected to put me on a path to meet someone like Andres but I am thankful each day when I look at this Pop. Without a doubt this Pop means the most to me and I will always keep it in its Vaulted Vinyl."

-Matt Smith

October 13, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


One Piece Trafalgar Law

"This Trafalgar Law is a strong reminder of the strong brotherly bond between me and my paternal twin brother, Luis Guzman. I received this hard to find pop when I was down on myself and going through depression and trying to find answers for myself on existing and Law kinda went through the same experience in One Piece. He was destined to die an ill fate until he met a man named Corazon and he saved him by believing in him and giving him the op op fruit.

My twin brother Luis always strived and pushed me to live and believe in myself no matter how difficult life might be mentally and physically. This pop is a constant reminder to keep living and striving. I want to live for Luis. I found my purpose to push through life’s difficulties together like Law and Corazon did. For my 30th birthday Luis surprised me with Law and told me we shared similar stories and like Law, he wanted me to keep pushing and to not give up and that he believes in me. I never want to let him down and I’ll be there for him as he was for me, always."

-Frank Guzman

October 6, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


2020 New York Comic Con Exclusive Limited Edition Fezzik (6 INCH)

"There's something to be said about standing on the shoulders of giants and there's a bit of backstory to how I got to stand on the shoulders of the tallest of them all.

I grew up in the world of wrestlers and WWF, my mom was good friends with Robert Marella aka Gorilla Monsoon.

Whenever WWF came to town, Rob would make sure that my family would get a chance to come out and see the show. Growing up I always witnessed these gargantuans of the squared circle throwing each other around and I so wanted to be like them.

My mom knew that I loved Andre the Giant. He was my hero. I was younger than most kids in my class for my age and on the small side and always wished I could be big like him.

We didn't get a chance to see him too often, but my mom and dad reached out to Robert who by that time had become one of the main bookers for WWF. When he heard about how much I loved Andre, he arranged for us to meet him at Wrestlemania 3 in 87'. I was 6.

It was about an hour before his match with Hulk Hogan and my Dad and Robert were walking with me backstage, they ended up bringing me to meet Bobby Heenan, who then went and found Andre for us.

My dad and Robert didn't tell me I was going to meet Andre and so they had me close my eyes and tell me they had a special surprise.

As I kept my eyes shut, they then told me to stick out my hand. Suddenly I felt this massive hand grip my own and I opened them to see Andre grinning down at me. I remember stammering and looking up at him, not believing that I was actually getting to meet the legend himself.

He let go of my hand and talked with my dad and Robert for a few moments before he turned back to me and asked me how I was enjoying the show. He took 10 mins to talk to me before asking my dad if it was ok to pick me up.

Andre picked me up like I was nothing and sat me on his shoulder. I was so excited, I started telling him how he was my favorite and that I wanted to be big like him when I grew up. He was genial, kind and listened to me not like an adult but like a friend and encouraged my passion.

It would be a few later that year I saw Andre in the Princess Bride and fell in love not only with the movie, but his role as Fezzik because it reminded me of who he actually was outside of the ring.

He was one of the best heroes I could have hoped for growing up and a piece of me was lost when he passed. When I saw they made a Fezzik for NYCC, I knew it had to be part of my collection and one I'll never part with."

-Tristan Sutton-Pecnik

September 29, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Funko Pop Collection


Hot Topic Exclusive Dark Phoenix (Limited Edition Chase) (Glow in the Dark)

"My Dark Phoenix was a gift from my friend who introduced me to pops. He knew I was looking for her but he didn't know what Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix as a character meant to me. She was always battling the demons inside of her, hiding her true power, and trying to do what was best for those she cared for. Often in my life I found myself hiding, facing extreme adversity, and trying to battle the bad in order to be the good that I wanted to see in the world. When I was given this pop I was truly searching for my light, being newly divorced and trying to make my way in the world to yet again rise from the ashes and find the power inside of me to let my light shine. My friend had no idea how much I was struggling with my self confidence so he never knew the depths of what she meant to me. Both my pop and my friend have a super special place in my heart as they were an instrumental part of my healing and growth without ever knowing it! Now, I burn bright and fully embrace all parts of me, flaws and all, and soar above the ashes."

-Aimee Dahle

September 22, 2021