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Your collection is your story. Share it with the world.

Along our journeys of life, we collect stories that stick with us forever. Oftentimes, these stories are connected to the things that we are passionate about, like our collections. Whether these stories bring inspiration, gratitude, smiles, or tears, they shape us into who we are today and who we will become tomorrow.

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Collection™ shares the stories of passionate collectors around the world through their most cherished collectibles.


Hawaiian Punch Punchy

The reason this pop is so special to me, is because my mom had unfortunately passed away in Feb 2020. Hawaiian Punch was her every day go-to drink. I have a memorial set up for her in our house, and I bought a Punchy to go on it, and it just so happened to end up being one of the manufacturer error ones with the GITD (glow in the dark) head. I never get lucky when it comes to chases/lotteries/anything like that, so the fact that I got lucky on that pop of all things was really cool and special to me. It may not be the most valuable, or most expensive pop, but it's my favorite one in my collection nonetheless. I have it on her mantle/memorial with 4 other pops stacked in a row of 2, with Punchy on the very top, with a can of Hawaiian Punch right next to it.

-Cole Hollander

October 20, 2021


Naruto Kakashi (Anbu) Limited Edition Chase

I met a fellow collector named Andres online, about six months back, who I became close friends with. We always let each other know when a Pop from a certain collection is up for pre-order or sale and I had ran across this Kakashi Anbu Pop that I needed for my collection. I let Andres know it was up for pre-order so he ordered one. The website was showing only one left and I had some unexpected bills come up and couldn't afford to buy it. Andres asked me if I had ordered one and I let him know that I wouldn't be able to. Fast forward to this past week and a package shows up at my house. I opened it up to find out that Andres had bought me this Pop. We have never met, never hung out, and we don't even know a great deal about the other but this blew me away. To find someone in this climate of pandemic who took the time to do what he did seems rare. Collecting Pops was never something that I expected to put me on a path to meet someone like Andres but I am thankful each day when I look at this Pop. Without a doubt this Pop means the most to me and I will always keep it in its Vaulted Vinyl.

-Matt Smith

October 13, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Collection. Your collection is your story. Share it with the world.


One Piece Trafalgar Law

This Trafalgar Law is a strong reminder of the strong brotherly bond between me and my paternal twin brother, Luis Guzman. I received this hard to find pop when I was down on myself and going through depression and trying to find answers for myself on existing and Law kinda went through the same experience in One Piece. He was destined to die an ill fate until he met a man named Corazon and he saved him by believing in him and giving him the op op fruit.

My twin brother Luis always strived and pushed me to live and believe in myself no matter how difficult life might be mentally and physically. This pop is a constant reminder to keep living and striving. I want to live for Luis. I found my purpose to push through life’s difficulties together like Law and Corazon did. For my 30th birthday Luis surprised me with Law and told me we shared similar stories and like Law, he wanted me to keep pushing and to not give up and that he believes in me. I never want to let him down and I’ll be there for him as he was for me, always.

-Frank Guzman

October 6, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Collection. Your collection is your story. Share it with the world.


2020 New York Comic Con Exclusive Limited Edition Fezzik (6 INCH)

There's something to be said about standing on the shoulders of giants and there's a bit of backstory to how I got to stand on the shoulders of the tallest of them all.

I grew up in the world of wrestlers and WWF, my mom was good friends with Robert Marella aka Gorilla Monsoon.

Whenever WWF came to town, Rob would make sure that my family would get a chance to come out and see the show. Growing up I always witnessed these gargantuans of the squared circle throwing each other around and I so wanted to be like them.

My mom knew that I loved Andre the Giant. He was my hero. I was younger than most kids in my class for my age and on the small side and always wished I could be big like him.

We didn't get a chance to see him too often, but my mom and dad reached out to Robert who by that time had become one of the main bookers for WWF. When he heard about how much I loved Andre, he arranged for us to meet him at Wrestlemania 3 in 87'. I was 6.

It was about an hour before his match with Hulk Hogan and my Dad and Robert were walking with me backstage, they ended up bringing me to meet Bobby Heenan, who then went and found Andre for us.

My dad and Robert didn't tell me I was going to meet Andre and so they had me close my eyes and tell me they had a special surprise.

As I kept my eyes shut, they then told me to stick out my hand. Suddenly I felt this massive hand grip my own and I opened them to see Andre grinning down at me. I remember stammering and looking up at him, not believing that I was actually getting to meet the legend himself.

He let go of my hand and talked with my dad and Robert for a few moments before he turned back to me and asked me how I was enjoying the show. He took 10 mins to talk to me before asking my dad if it was ok to pick me up.

Andre picked me up like I was nothing and sat me on his shoulder. I was so excited, I started telling him how he was my favorite and that I wanted to be big like him when I grew up. He was genial, kind and listened to me not like an adult but like a friend and encouraged my passion.

It would be a few later that year I saw Andre in the Princess Bride and fell in love not only with the movie, but his role as Fezzik because it reminded me of who he actually was outside of the ring.

He was one of the best heroes I could have hoped for growing up and a piece of me was lost when he passed. When I saw they made a Fezzik for NYCC, I knew it had to be part of my collection and one I'll never part with.

-Tristan Sutton-Pecnik

September 29, 2021

Vaulted Vinyl Beyond the Collection. Your collection is your story. Share it with the world.


Hot Topic Exclusive Dark Phoenix (Limited Edition Chase) (Glow in the Dark)

My Dark Phoenix was a gift from my friend who introduced me to pops. He knew I was looking for her but he didn't know what Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix as a character meant to me. She was always battling the demons inside of her, hiding her true power, and trying to do what was best for those she cared for. Often in my life I found myself hiding, facing extreme adversity, and trying to battle the bad in order to be the good that I wanted to see in the world. When I was given this pop I was truly searching for my light, being newly divorced and trying to make my way in the world to yet again rise from the ashes and find the power inside of me to let my light shine. My friend had no idea how much I was struggling with my self confidence so he never knew the depths of what she meant to me. Both my pop and my friend have a super special place in my heart as they were an instrumental part of my healing and growth without ever knowing it! Now, I burn bright and fully embrace all parts of me, flaws and all, and soar above the ashes.

-Aimee Dahle

September 22, 2021