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BUILD GUIDE | V2 Premium Protectors for Funko Pop figures.

Hey there! Before assembling your V2 Premium Protectors we recommend that you watch this short tutorial and follow along with this technique step-by-step. This guide will show you the best way to assemble our protectors with no issues and for best results. This technique applies to all of our protector sizes. Enjoy!


Step 1: Take paper insert out. (included with 4 INCH V2 Premium Protectors only)

Step 2: Insert thumbs into the bottom of the protector and push the corners of the protector together, letting the auto-locking bottom do it's job.

Step 3: **Place finger inside of the protector along the crease and carefully squeeze all the way up the creases with your finger inside -- no need to rush.**

Step 4: Side Flaps -- carefully fold each side flap onto the pads of your fingers as shown in the video. Once you initially fold the flaps to 90 degrees, you can fold them all the way inside and then back out. Repeat for other side flap.

Step 5: Top Flap -- place your fingers inside the flap along the crease. Use your thumb to push down to get the crease started, pushing the flap onto the pads of your fingers. Once the crease is started, you can then fold the lid inside the protector and make sure it is creased well.

Step 6: Closing Flap -- place your finger on the crease and slowly fold the flap onto your finger. Once you get the crease started, you can then fold it over completely. 

Step 7: Place figure inside the protector and close it up. The closing flap should snap into place for you and you'll be ready to show off your POP!® figure like it deserves to be shown off!

Any questions, concerns, or issues: Do not hesitate to reach out, we are here to help!

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