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Vaulted Vinyl® Airdrops are redeemables, included with every purchase.

Redeem: Access to exclusive Grail Starter Kit giveaways, Funko POP!® grails, limited edition Vaulted Vinyl® gear, products, and more.

Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - Airdrop token


Scan the Airdrop QR code located on the product packaging to reveal your Airdrop. Verify your redemption code to redeem it.

Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - mobile device experience
Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - Space - For the Crew
For the Crew


Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - Grail Starter Kit Giveaway Exclusive Access
Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - One of One wristband
Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - Vaulted Vinyl Gift Card
Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - 4
Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - 6
Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - 2 Pack V2 Premium Protectors
Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - Display Vault
Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - Display Vault XL
Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - Display Vault Air
Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - Mystery Funko Pop Grail
Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - One of One Hoodie
Vaulted Vinyl Airdrops - Designed for the Passionate


How do i scan the AIRDROP qr code?

Open your phone's camera app and bring the QR code into focus. Click the prompt to continue.

What are the possible Airdrops?

Possible Airdrops include:

1) Exclusive Access - Grail Starter Kit giveaway (weekly giveaways)

  • $100+ Funko POP!® Grail
  • The Display Vault
  • V2 Premium Protector

2) Funko POP!® Grails

  • $100+ PPG Value
  • The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary

3) Limited Edition Vaulted Vinyl® Gear

  • The 'One of One' Wristband
  • The 'One of One' Hoodie

4) Vaulted Vinyl® Product

  • 4" V2 Premium Protectors (20 Pack)
  • 6" V2 Premium Protectors (5 Pack)
  • 2 Pack V2 Premium Protectors (5 Pack)
  • The Display Vault
  • The Display Vault XL
  • The Display Vault Air

5) Vaulted Vinyl® Digital Gift Cards

How do I redeem my airdrop?

After scanning the QR code and revealing your Airdrop, verify your Airdrop redemption code and enter the requested contact information.

Note: Vaulted Vinyl will never ask for your credit card information.

Do my Airdrop REDEMPTION CODES expire?

No. Airdrop redemption codes do notexpire.

You can save your Airdrop redemption codes to use them whenever you'd like.


You have a handful of Grail Starter Kit giveaway entries.

Not a fan of the current week's giveaway? Save them for another time.

With weekly giveaways, we keep it fresh so you can use them on your terms. Sprinkle your entries around or go all-in on your holy grail.

Can I use my Airdrop redemption code(s) more than once?

No. Airdrop redemption codes are valid for one use only.

What if I experience an issue with my Airdrop redemption code(s)?

Contact us at customerservice@vaulted-vinyl.com and we will work to resolve your issue.


Look for the following Airdrops in your Vaulted Vinyl order(s) this week!

Vaulted Vinyl - Airdrops

New wave starts: 09/26/23

The Vaulted Vinyl 'One of One' hoodie - You are One of One