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V2 Premium Protectors for Funko POP! figures (4 Inch) [0.50MM]

  • *Please read the SPECS tab for protector dimensions*

    The king. The leader. The one that moves the market forward.

    Designed to be the best Funko Pop protectors available.

    Through constant user feedback, testing, and putting ourselves into the minds of collectors, we design and engineer products that collectors love. The V2 Premium Funko Pop Protector is a physical representation of our mission to innovate and elevate your collecting experience.

    Any previously held beliefs from your experiences with other foldable Funko Pop protectors evaporate instantly. What does that feel like? In the blink of an eye, just like that – a new standard is set in your mind. You can never go back. It’s the feeling of leveling up.

    Our special 0.50mm thick acid-free PET plastic material features ultraviolet (UV) light resistance that protects your Pop and its box from harmful UV rays and scratch resistance keeps your Funko collection looking better, for longer. Their renowned flat tops lay flush with the box and allow for incredibly easy hassle-free stacking. Reinforced edges provide increased durability and peace of mind when handling, moving, displaying, or rearranging your collection. With assembly in seconds, our V2 Premium Funko Pop Protectors offer superior protection and a sense of pride, knowing that you settle for nothing less than the best.

    Give your Funko Pop collection the upgrade it deserves. Experience for yourself the feeling of leveling up and join our movement to Protect Your Passion™

    Watch our helpful build guide before assembly for useful tips and best results!

    POP!® figures NOT included. All FUNKO POP!® products are shown for compatibility purposes only.


    "FUNKO®" and "POP!®" are registered trademarks of Funko LLC. Display of these trademarks does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

  • Before assembling your V2 Premium Pop Protectors we recommend that you watch this short tutorial and follow along with this technique step-by-step. This guide will show you the best way to assemble our protectors with no issues and for best results. This technique applies to all of our protector sizes. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2145 reviews
Wade P. (Shreveport, US)
A sturdy protector

First Time getting these protecrors and must say that I am very impressed with this product. A friend told me about this and I wanna give this a try. I am very pleased that I did and will be buying again. The protectors are easy to mess with and the pops fits in real easy as well. This is one product you would love to have to protect your pops. Highly Recommended!

Manning (Santa Clara, US)
Excellent product!

I wondered how different these would be from the other pop protector I used. For the majority of my “common” pops, I’ll stick with the other brand. For all my grails which include vaulted or rare chase versions, this is the one I now use. Easy to stack, doesn’t bow and good material. In this case you get what you pay for.

Anonymous (Azusa, US)

Best in the business, going to be buying more 👌

David Mendoza-Rodriguez (White Plains, US)
Awesome Protectors

Best protectors I’ve bought, nice look, and affordable. Definitely buying more for the rest of my collection

Deandre M (San Jose, US)
Amazing protectors.

Best pop protectors in the game, making your collection look amazing.