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The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary

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  • Become Legendary.

    A product of focus, the Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary represents a new tier for Funko Pop Protection. Virtually unbreakable, UV protection and scratch resistant – it is the ultimate home for the Funko Pops in your collection that you deem Legendary.

    Virtually unbreakable – the most durable Funko Pop protector, ever.

    Designed with a specially formulated polycarbonate that is 30x stronger than acrylic and 250x stronger than glass.

    Ultraviolet light (UV) protection – defend your collection against degradation from the unseen.

    Help block harmful UV waves that can cause fading to Funko Pop boxes and signatures.

    Scratch resistant – a timeless display.

    Each Legendary hard protector is put through a chemical passivation process that purifies, clarifies, and adds a hardened micro layer to the surface of the protector – helping it look great throughout the journey of time.

    Crystal clear – delight in the details of the ones that you deem Legendary.

    More details:

    •Compatible with the entire Vaulted Vinyl® Display Vault line: Display Vault (December 2021-present), Display Vault XL (July 2021-present), Display Vault Air.

    •Stacking feature – compatible with Funko Pop!® Stacks.

    •Magnetic lid – designed with N52 magnets.

    •Microfiber cloth – included.

    •DIMENSIONS: 6.65in x 5.0in x 3.98in

    Each 2 Pack includes:

    •(2) Vaulted Vinyl® Legendaries


    •(2) Vaulted Vinyl® Airdrops

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Jacob Medina (Los Angeles, US)
Best protectors

Fits like a glove

Anonymous (Atlanta, US)
Best Protector on the market!

Best Protector on the market for grails! Strongest and clearest protector.

Brett Mamizuka (Buffalo, US)
Fits like a glove

Fits the Pop! better than some of the other protectors. No room to wiggle.

Ramon Mendoza (Cincinnati, US)
Best protectors

Best Funko protectors I’ve had. Definitely getting more

Charles Dagenhart (Greensboro, US)
Excellent Product!!

Great product to protect your pops. Crystal clear and looks really clean. A++++